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The world's first app that pays for your friends' purchases and gives gifts.
Calculate how much you can earn on your friends' purchases in a year.
How much you
will spend
Average cashback
percentage (10%)
Number of friends
you'll invite
Amount your friend
will spend
Average kicksback
percentage (5%)



Friendship that pays back

In the app, choose gifts and share with your friends. Buy from our partners, share reviews of your purchases and your favourite places. Each time a friend you invited to Kicksback makes a purchase, you will earn kicksback. The more friends you have in the app, the bigger the amount of your kicksback. Discover new opportunities of your friendship!

How to get cashback and kicksback

After any online or offline purchase that you make using Kicksback, your account will immediately* be credited with cashback and your newsfeed will automatically publish a post with the receipt. This post motivates the friends you've invited to make purchases in order to earn cashback. You will receive kicksback from their purchases (%).

* All payments on Kicksback are instantaneous, except for those cases when you purchase returnable items.

Use the possibilities of Kicksback

We offer a simple and convenient set of functions that will allow you to earn gifts and make good purchases, to attract friends and motivate them to make purchases and stay active, and to increase your rating and bonuses.

Map of kicks

Find new gifts daily and claim them yourself or share them with friends.

QR code

Show it during your offline purchase and earn cashback.

Social networks

Share your recommendations, like posts, comment and subscribe to companies.


Choose stores and establishments, get good deals and earn cashback.


Control the amount of your cashback and kicksback in the application.


The more friends, purchases and activity in your feed, the more cashback and kicksback you earn.

Control your earnings

The cashback and kicksback that you earn are kept in the app. You can save them up: your current balance will always be available to you online. Spend on new purchases to receive more cashback and kicksback.


You can pay the entire amount with the funds kept in the app.

to spend

On the app's map and in the marketplace, you'll find:
  • Beauty salons
  • Health centres
  • Gyms
  • Training
  • Cafés and restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Leisure, entertainment